Stained Concrete, Epoxy Floors & Epoxy Counter Tops

concrete Staining & epoxy floor coatings

We offer design and application of custom concrete staining and epoxy floor coatings. We consult with the industry leaders, top vendors and trade trend setters in the field to understand the best best products & techniques available for our customers. Exceptional service from the dustless flooring removal & surface preparation to the beautiful finished product. There are many finishes are available including: acid stain, solid colors, semi transparent, multi color, marbled veins & textures . We can also inlay large scale graphics, designs, logos, vinyl decals & borders under a crystal clear epoxy surface.

epoxy Counter top Resurfacing

We also offer epoxy counter top resurfacing. Why replace your counter tops when you can resurface them with a beautiful custom epoxy finish. There are many colors, patterns and finish techniques available to choose from. Epoxy is a chemical resistant surface that is food safe and extremely durable.


We are very serious about protecting your home and the health of those you care about! Every project is planed down to the final detail before any work begins to minimize exposure and contamination. First we protect your entire floor by laying down Ramboard cardboard in the work space work and all the way to the entry points. Then we cover all furniture and belongings with drop cloths. Next we set up plastic zip walls and tape things up tight to contain all the dust and vapors inside the sealed work space. We use a portable dust and vapor collection system to draw in particles that can hang in the air and settle in your home. We also install temporary external filters over the return air ducts to keep your duct work from getting coated in dust. At the very end of every project we perform a final cleaning and replace all your return air filters. We don’t take any shortcuts with site protection and dust control.


Many of the products used in the painting industry produce hazardous waste and are terrible for the environment if not handled and disposed of properly. We always handle and dispose of waste in the most responsible ways possible. We go above and beyond the industry standards for disposal by recycling as much as possible. Our goal is to keep all plastics and recyclables out of the land fills. We believe the future is in our hands and we always try to do our part in protecting the environment from pollution and contamination. We always include free disposal of any old paint or hazardous waste liquids you may need removed from your property.