Interior Painting & Cabinet Refinishing

residential & Commercial Interior Painting

When it comes to interior painting, things are always more complicated than we realize. That is why you should always hire the pros. After two decades in this industry we know all the tricks and techniques to achieve professional results every time. We have worked with most products out there and understand the importance of using the right products and tools for the job. From small remodel projects and touch ups to full home interior painting and large scale commercial projects we handle it all. We proudly feature Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore products. We enjoy passing our preferred contractor discounts on to our customers.


Cabinet refinishing is less common these days because of the general lack of quality in the existing cabinetry, the huge costs involved and the lack of companies with the experience to take on these projects. It is a major project to refinish cabinets but it can be a great option if your existing cabinets are high enough quality and the layout still works well. Many times the original cabinet boxes can be stripped and painted or re stained. Then new doors, drawer fronts and hardware can be added to bring a tired kitchen back to life. Every situation is different and some professional input can really help. We will provide you with a detailed estimate with options so you can make a well informed choice.

Surface Repair & preparation

Every painting project should start with a healthy amount of surface repair & preparation. Surface preparation is usually the most time consuming part of a project. Its also the most important. This is the process of scraping and stripping all the failing layers of caulk, paint etc... The next step is usually to re set all the loose nails & screws that can back out and loosen over time. Next we install any missing or damaged trim work. Then on to insulating the gaps, filling nail holes and caulking the seams. If this sounds like a lot of work.. well it is! The amount of preparation given to a surface before the paint is applied shows in the finish. Great preparation produces the highest quality results and it is the largest effort in any painting project. Environmental changes and exposure to the elements destroy the layers of protection designed to shield your investment. Many contractors skip this step and cut corners on the preparation to save money. When comparing estimates from contractors, make sure they specify the level of prep included in the estimate. Comparing estimates on price alone may not give you the quality or results you are expecting.

Faux Finishes & Textured Paint

Faux finishing is a painting technique that uses more than one color of paint and different types of special tools to create unique patterns. From sponges, rollers and rags to rubber tools and grooved trowels. There is no limit to creativity when you use multiple colors to create varied layers. We can help you decide on the color palette & mock up samples boards to help you decide on final pattern. Textured painting uses various paint thickeners to create raised textured surfaces. Consider the design possibilities of adding a textured surface to faux finish.

dust, floor & air protection

We are very serious about protecting your home and the health of those you care about! Every project is planed down to the final detail before any work begins to minimize exposure and contamination. First we protect your entire floor by laying down Ramboard cardboard in the work space work and all the way to the entry points. Then we cover all furniture and belongings with drop cloths. Next we set up plastic zip walls and tape things up tight to contain all the dust and vapors inside the sealed work space. We use a portable dust and vapor collection system to draw in particles that can hang in the air and settle in your home. We also install temporary external filters over the return air ducts to keep your duct work from getting coated in dust. At the very end of every project we perform a final cleaning and replace all your return air filters. We don’t take any shortcuts with site protection and dust control.

Responsible Disposal & The Environment

Many of the products used in the painting industry produce hazardous waste and are terrible for the environment if not handled and disposed of properly. We always handle and dispose of waste in the most responsible ways possible. We go above and beyond the industry standards for disposal by recycling as much as possible. Our goal is to keep all plastics and recyclables out of the land fills. We believe the future is in our hands and we always try to do our part in protecting the environment from pollution and contamination. We always include free disposal of any old paint or hazardous waste liquids you may need removed from your property.